Saturday, March 20, 2010

3/28 - Stephanie Powers

Stefanie Powers -  Hallmark's "Meet My Mom"  Hallmark Channel Saturday, May 8

Synopsis: It takes a strong heart to be an army wife, and whether she likes it or not, has what it takes. Lori Loughlin stars with two-time Emmy nominee and five-time Golden Globe nominee Stefanie Powers in MEET MY MOM, a Hallmark hannel in HD Original Movie premiering Saturday, May 8 (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C).  Actress Stefanie Powers, whose charming and thoughtful real-life personality may most closely resemble stunning renaissance woman Jennifer Hart, the character she portrayed on the hit television series "Hart to Hart", has combined a natural curiosity and passion for knowledge, world travel and diverse cultures into both an award-winning acting career and an equally active life of heartfelt philanthropic work. The cornerstone of that work is the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, a public charity dedicated to the preservation of wild animals, which Stefanie helped to found in honor of the late actor and for which she serves as president. The William Holden Wildlife Education Center, which currently serves 10,000 students a year, is located near the Mt. Kenya Safari Club and the Mt. Kenya Game Ranch started by Holden in the late 1950's before conservation became a popular issue. "The Foundation is an extremely large commitment," Stefanie admits, "but it's not something I entered into without understanding the full impact of the obligation. It's a lifelong commitment that sometimes monopolizes one hundred percent of my time". What's perhaps staggering for most of us who would find either acting or extensive social work each full-time occupations in themselves is that Stefanie's life only begins there. She makes the term well-rounded a severe understatement. To begin, she runs her own production company, which always has several projects brewing. Her acting credits include 27 feature films, such as "Experiment in Terror", "The Interns", "McClintock!", "Die Die My Darling", "Love Has Many Faces", "Stagecoach" and "The Man Inside" and the television series "The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.", "The Feather and Father Gang" and, of course, "Hart to Hart". Her many mini-series include "Washington: Behind Closed Doors", "Deceptions", "Mistral's Daughter", "At Mother's Request", "Burden of Proof" and "Beryl Markham: A Shadow on the Sun", which she also produced. She has also appeared on stage in many musical productions, such as "Oliver", "Annie Get Your Gun", "My Fair Lady" and, most recently, "Matador" at the Queen's Theatre in London. Also, in London's West End, she was reunited with Robert Wagner in the play "Love Letters" for a 4-week run followed by tours of the play in many U.S. cities and Canada, and the "Hart to Hart" pair recreated their weekly series by doing 5 2-hour movies for the NBC-TV and three for the Family Channel, an her latest project is on the Hallmark Channel in HD on May 8 - "Meet My Mom".

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