Monday, August 23, 2010

8/29 - James Moseley,

James Moseley with Roger Williams & London Symphony Orchestra
Keep listening to Gregg Hunter and CRN for your chance to win his latest CD "James Moseley with Roger Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra"  Never afraid to push the limits or take a chance – The Bone Man is breaking new ground. James Moseley has taken the traditional style of trombone playing – and amped it up a few hundred, thousand notches. He has incorporated his breathtaking trombone skills with husky, rich vocals and vibrant dance moves to create some of the most exceptional performances ever seen. From his sexy and erotic turn in the provocative show Boneman Seduction featuring some of The Pussycat Dolls to rockin the runways of the hottest fashion shows of Paris Fashion Week. Now with a sound and a style all his own, Grammy-nominated trombonist James Moseley (aka The Bone Man), will soon be topping the charts again with his latest CD - a collaboration with Grammy award winning pianist Roger Williams and The London Symphony Orchestra.  “People can expect a nice mix between adult contemporary and easy listening along with best symphony in the world,” says Moseley.  The album featuring both standards and one original by Moseley, "Find My Way to You" was conducted by the legendary Johnny Carl, musical director for the Crystal Cathedral Symphony Orchestra – who also served as musical creator for two of the biggest holiday shows in America: “The Glory of Christmas” and “The  more- Glory of Easter.” Moseley also played a major role in the creation of the Crystal Cathedral Orchestra. In addition to his new album Moseley is also busy with a musical twist based on the classic story of the Pied Piper called, “The Pied Piper Meets the Bone Man.”  My hope is I can develop a show that is very entertaining,” says Moseley. “To show a trombone player can create a really incredible stage show with never-seen-before artistic value to it.”   This ground-breaking musical adds a new, happy ending to the old tale. In Moseley’s version The Bone Man will lead all the children back to Hamelin and restore their ability to smile.  This heart-warming story set the stage for a perfect pairing of Moseley and Operation Smile - the organization that surgically repairs cleft lips and palettes. As the new Smile Ambassador, Moseley says that a portion of the proceeds from the musical will go to fund the $250 operation which only takes 45 minutes to complete – yet changes a life forever. Many children born with severe cleft conditions can’t eat, speak, socialize or smile. Since 1982, Operation Smile has provided more than 150,000 free surgeries to children around the world healing smiles and changing lives. “Right now I change smile one smile a month,” says Moseley. “With the success of this musical I hope to change one a week, then one or even 100 smiles a day.”       TO PURCHASE CD

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